11 Animals Created by Humans

11 Animals Created by Humans

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Scientists are quite peculiar people who sometimes do… well, let’s say, strange experiments. For example, they create new races of animals, crossing various inhabitants of our planet. And believe us, the results of their experiments are worth seeing, so make yourself comfortable and…


  1. Fun fact: Ligers are actually not man-made hybrids they are more like re-continued animals. A long time ago Tiger and Lion territories were much bigger than present time and these animals had many chances to meet and they did, and Ligers were born. There are tales of Ligers all throughout Africa and farther East of the continent.

  2. As a former breeder of wolf dogs. These hybrids are not always docile easily trained animals. And even if properly trained and socialized, they retain the possibility to revert to the dangerous personality of a wild animal. They require a very strong (but gentle) alpha owner.

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