15 Amazing Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist

15 Amazing Hybrid Animals That Actually Exist

We humans have begun to play god- breeding animals to create all-new hybrids. If the Jurassic Park movies have taught us anything it’s that such antics may go horribly wrong but, for now, let’s just enjoy looking at cute animals and hope they don’trebel or attack! These are amazing hybrid animals that actually exist!

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  2. For context:
    Zebra-Donkey genetic distance est. 2.8 millions years
    European domestic cat – African wildcat genetic distance est. 170000 years
    so it's possible to produce hybrids up to several millions years of separation.

  3. Fun fact of the Liger and Tigon, The Liger doesn't stop growing where the Tigon does. It is believed that this is because the max size gene is carried only by the Male tiger and female lion. Another thing, is that the Liger and Tigons seem to only reproduce through females, as the only further (generational) hybrids were through female hybrids. There is no known record, of a male hybrid (Of either) connected to a litter of kits

  4. To the question of if a black panther tiger hybrid is posible, I believe so. A black panther is commonly known as a leopard or Jaguar with the melanistic gene, making the animal all black. However, it is called a black panther because it is black, but also because leopards and jaguars are a part of the panthera genus of cats. Lions, tigers, and snow leopards are also apart of this genus. That being said, if any of these animals carry the melanistic gene, they are technically a black panther. Either his information, we can say that any of these animals with the melanistic gene crossed with a normal tiger would be a cross between a tiger and a black panther. I would like to note however that the picture provided is not what a black panther X tiger would look like. When an animal is melanistic, it has an increased amount of black or almost black pigment. This means that there would likely not be as much white as shown in the image. The tiger would not have red eyes as well as the enlarged teeth shown mimicking a saber tooth tiger (which was not actually a tiger btw).Also, black panthers are REAL. Also sorry my response to this video is almost a year late.

  5. I have a Bengal female and they are very like a Savannah F5. They are from an asiatic leopard cat and domestic cat. She is a lot like a dog and follows me around and very vocal, she even has a special meow for play time.

  6. Just to be clear , i know some people make this mistake and say that ligers and tigons are the same
    Which they are not
    Tigon is a male lion with a female tiger
    And the liger is a female lion with a male tiger
    It is not possible for it to be a tigon without a male lion
    Even tho some people say some male tigers have manes

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